There are several elements of construction that are considered vitally important in ensuring that finished buildings function as they are intended to. Sometimes referred to as MEP design, the three elements that compose this backbone of engineering include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Together, they create a harmonious design that makes projects large and small work.

Here’s more about the importance of each – and why you should only trust these jobs to a professional.

Mechanical Construction
Mechanical services are the skeleton of any structure. This is the basic “building” part of construction that holds everything else up and together. Stone, steel, and other construction elements bring buildings to life beneath the electrical and plumbing work and support the mechanical piping responsible for delivering these utilities to residents or consumers.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical work is vitally important to today’s buildings. Whether you are building a residential structure, a commercial property, or something else entirely, odds are it will require working electricity.
Solid electrical design doesn’t just keep the lights on. It is also responsible for making HVAC work and ensuring that any electricity-powered devices in the business or home are functional as well.

Plumbing Integration
Where would we be without plumbing? Whether you’re at home enjoying a bath or need to use a restroom in public, there are so many reasons why functional plumbing is important. More than just comfort and convenience, working plumbing is a health and safety insurance policy. It helps people stay clean, hydrated, and healthy – as well as cook for and clean up after themselves or consumers.
The professionals responsible for bringing together these three important disciplines are referred to as mechanical engineers. They help plumbers, electricians, and construction professionals work together to create finished buildings that are beautiful, functional, and comfortable. From heating and cooling to plumbing and electrical work, they help plan and implement the inner workings of successful buildings, both commercial and residential.
Before you begin your next construction project, consider consulting one of these multi-discipline professionals. They can guide you in creating the perfect plan for your project, regardless of size and scope. They can also help you ensure that no matter what you’re building, it works properly once finished.


Plan and implement the inner workings of successful buildings, both commercial and residential.


Plan the schedule, organize the resources, execute and control budget and work flow.


Our qualified AC technicians are fully trained to deal with all your AC maintenance, repair and installation requirements.


A common requirement in residential, commercial and retail places is the installation of partitions and false ceilings..